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The Do More List

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An advanced and custom to-do list showcasing the flexibility of Coda in a way you’ve never seen.

I just watched your video on The Do-More list and IM SHOOK.  Buying now. — A Coda Employee


Buttons to quickly cycle task priority

If all tasks remain equal how do you decide whats really worth your time? Quick-cycle buttons help you quickly identify high priority tasks so your time is spent on what really matters

Automatic buttons for quick brain dumps

No one likes clicking multiple times to add a single task. You want to quickly dump all those tasks swimming in your brain into your list!

The Do-More list allows you to brain-dump tasks quicker than ever

Oh, did I mention that these buttons populate automatically with hidden Coda formula magic?

Easy sub-task assignment

Some tasks are just a little more complex aren’t they? When your tasks have sub-tasks, the Do-More list has your back.  Add sub-tasks easily with a button to any parent task

Completely customizable

Your task-types can be completely customized with a Coda Color chooser made by The Coda Guy himself.  Tired of the pre-set colors that are in the template already? We’ve developed a custom pack so you can quickly add an endless amount of custom colors to your docs!

Choose custom colors for task types

Custom pack for endless new color options

Advanced archive system

Too many tasks bogging your document down? With the press of a button you can archive your tasks so your document never slows down and your data is never lost!

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The Do More List

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